Apple resolved M1 Mac SSD wear reporting issue in macOS 11.4

With the release of macOS 11.4 Apple has resolved a problem with the wear reporting of M1 Mac SSDs. In macOS 11.4 update Apple has fixed the excessive M1 Mac SSD wear reporting issue noticed in February.

There has been a problem with previous reports reporting high wear on SSDs in Apple Silicon Macs that appears to have been resolved in macOS 11.4.

SSDs (Solid State Drives) have a limited number of times they can be written to before they become unusable, but that is a very long time after they are written to. However, a series of reports, published in February 2021, pointed out that the SSDs found in M1 Macs were experiencing a significant reduction in their lifespan.

Apple resolved M1 Mac SSD wear reporting issue
Apple resolved M1 Mac SSD wear reporting issue

In the past, AppleInsider sources within the company, who are not authorized to speak on behalf of Apple, told us that the problem was a data reporting error within the tools Apple uses to report SSD wear and tear. Apparently, based on the information provided by that source, there was not a hardware issue with the SSD, nor was it believed that the SSDs were aging significantly faster than they were previously due to RAM swaps or other factors that contributed to their aging.

AppleInsider has now been informed by the same source that the issue has been fixed in the latest release of macOS and that the issue has no longer arisen. It has been confirmed by AppleInsider that macOS 11.4 is now also reporting proper uptime statistics that were not previously reported by the operating system.

A separate report has also been made on Twitter that the problem has been resolved by users, including one of the developers who worked on the Linux port for Apple Silicon, developer Hector Martin.

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This update is to inform you that the fix was originally implemented in beta versions of macOS 11.4 and it It It it was made available to the public in the release of macOS 11.4 after being implemented in beta versions.

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