Best Horror Movies On Netflix to watch in 2023

Are you looking for a good horror movie to watch? Then look no further! Netflix has some of the best horror movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From classic slasher films to modern psychological thrillers, Netflix’s selection offers something for everyone who loves a good scare. Get ready to be terrified as we take a look at the top 10 best horror movies streaming on Netflix right now!

If you’re into blood and guts, then be sure to check out Stephen King’s IT or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Both are full-on terror fests with plenty of jump scares and creepy scenes to make your skin crawl. If psychological thrills are more your speed, then grab some popcorn and sink into Hereditary or Midsommar – two masterpieces from recent years that explore themes of grief, family dynamics and cults in chilling detail. And if you’re seeking something truly original, why not try The Babadook or Under the Shadow – two haunting foreign films that blend elements of supernatural horror with real world issues like loss and displacement.

No matter what type of fear factor you prefer, there’s surely something scary waiting for you on Netflix this Halloween season! So let us help guide you through the spooky offerings so you can find just the right movie to provide chills and thrills all night long. Read on to discover our picks for the top 10 horror movies currently available on Netflix!

Overview Of Horror Genre

The horror genre is a broad category that encompasses films, television shows, and literature. It often contains elements of suspense, fear, gore, and the supernatural. Common themes in horror include death, violence, and the unknown. Horror can be further divided into subgenres such as slasher films, zombie movies, ghost stories, creature features and psychological thrillers. Each has its own set of tropes which help to define it: jump scares for a slasher film or zombies shuffling along for a zombie movie. These elements combine to create an atmosphere of terror that keeps viewers on edge throughout their viewing experience.

From classic franchises like Halloween and Friday the 13th to more recent entries like Get Out and IT Chapter Two; horror has something for everyone regardless of taste or preference. With each new installment comes fresh takes on beloved characters as well as innovative ways to scare audiences with unexpected twists in familiar premises. As time passes by different generations have had their perspectives influenced by these popular franchises making them staples within the culture of horror cinema today.

Popular Horror Franchises

Fear lurks in the shadows, and often rears its ugly head through horror franchises. These horror movie series leave a lasting impression on audiences, with their sinister stories that haunt viewers long after they’re finished watching. From classics like Nightmare on Elm Street to more recent additions like The Conjuring Universe, there are plenty of scary franchises for fans of all ages to enjoy.

Horror movie sagas such as Friday the 13th and Saw have built cult followings since their release and continue to draw in new fans each year. Fans can experience these iconic characters’ journeys across multiple films, creating an immersive experience full of twists and turns along the way. While some may prefer standalone movies, others find themselves drawn into the world of these classic horror franchises time and again.

The lure of horror is undeniable; it provides an opportunity to face our fears from the safety of home or theater seats. As we turn away from jump scares towards psychological thrillers which explore deeper themes, one thing remains certain: horror will never truly die out.

Psychological Thrillers

Psychological thrillers are a great choice for anyone looking for mind-bending suspense. These films often have creepy atmospheres and thrilling storylines that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Popular titles like The Invitation, Hush, Gerald’s Game, and Cam all provide intense psychological horror. Even more chilling is the Netflix original film Veronica, which follows a teenage girl as she uses an Ouija board to contact spirits in her home. All these movies will leave you guessing until the very end!

Moving away from psychological thriller films, supernatural and occult films offer another type of scary movie experience.

Supernatural And Occult Films

The supernatural and occult films on Netflix are sure to keep even the bravest of viewers up at night. From dark-fantasy thrillers to paranormal horrors, these movies take you deep into a realm of terror like no other.

One must-watch is The Witch, in which a 1630s New England family encounters an ominous presence that disrupts their lives. Another highly recommended title is Apostle, where a man journeys to a remote island in search of his missing sister – only to discover it’s been taken over by a cult whose devotion reaches sinister heights. For fans of supernatural horror, don’t miss Hereditary, as this film follows the Graham family after they suffer tragedy and come face-to-face with evil forces from beyond our world. Moving from the occult to slasher and splatter movies will bring us deeper into the darker side of horror…

Slasher And Splatter Movies

For those who love a good scare, slasher and splatter movies are the perfect choice. These films often contain graphic violence, gore, and intense suspense that keeps viewers on the edge of their seat. Here is a list of some of the best horror films available to stream on Netflix:

  • The Strangers (2008)
  • Scream 4 (2011)
  • Hostel (2005)
    These three films offer plenty of chills and thrills for even the most seasoned horror fan. While they may be too much for some viewers due to their level of graphic violence, these movies provide an escape from reality into a world where anything can happen. After all the scares have been had, it’s time to dive head-first into zombies and other apocalyptic scenarios.

Zombies And Other Apocalyptic Scenarios

Fittingly, Netflix is teeming with zombie apocalypse and post-apocalyptic films that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From classic zombie movies to more recent apocalyptic horror flicks, there’s something for everyone when it comes to end of world entertainment. One particularly noteworthy title is 28 Days Later – an incredibly intense exploration of a virus outbreak that turns humans into zombies. The film follows survivors as they face off against the infected while trying to reach safety in London. For those looking for a lighter take on the zombie genre, Zombieland: Double Tap offers plenty of laughs along with some thrilling action sequences.

On the other hand, if you’re after something truly dark and disturbing then Cormac McCarthy’s The Road may be just what you need. This harrowing tale follows a father and son as they travel through a ravaged landscape in search of hope at the end of civilization. It’s one of those rare apocalyptic stories that manages to blend heart-wrenching emotion with stomach-churning terror in equal measure. Moving away from zombies, Into the Forest serves up another bleak vision of life after societal collapse. Starring Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood, this poignant drama paints an intimate portrait of two sisters struggling to survive in a dangerous new world order.

Found Footage Films

Found footage films are a popular subgenre of horror movies and thriller films. They’re typically shot in a documentary-style, with the camera work often done by one or more characters within the movie itself. This style is used to give the feeling that what you’re seeing onscreen is real footage, as opposed to something scripted out for traditional filmmaking techniques. Popular found-footage horror movies include The Blair Witch Project (1999), Paranormal Activity (2007) and V/H/S (2012).

These types of films can be incredibly effective at creating an atmosphere of tension and dread due to their use of realistic visuals that make it feel like whatever is happening could actually happen to you. It’s this realism that sets them apart from other styles of horror movies, making them some of the most exciting adventures you can experience through cinema. Moving on from found-footage films, we’re now going to explore adaptations of classic tales…

Adaptations Of Classic Tales

Moving on from found footage films, we now turn to adaptations of classic tales. From werewolf stories like ‘Ginger Snaps’ to vampire dramas such as ‘Let the Right One In’, there is no shortage of gothic horror movies based on beloved fairy-tales and myths. Even mummies have been reimagined in recent years with a modern take on the classic monster; one example being the film ‘The Mummy’.

What’s more, these films often come with an interesting twist or a unique spin that sets them apart from their source material. Adaptations can be used to bring something new to old stories by making them relevant for contemporary audiences – which has led to some truly incredible cinematic masterpieces over the years. With this in mind, let us explore critically acclaimed indie movies next.

Critically Acclaimed Indie Movies

Indie horror movies have long been praised for their creativity and ingenuity, while often being critically acclaimed by both critics and audiences alike. From innovative storylines to gripping cinematography, these indie gems stand out from the usual blockbusters that dominate the box office. Here is a list of some of the most highly regarded horror films available on Netflix:

  • The Witch (2015): A classic example of psychological terror, The Witch follows a Puritan family struggling to survive amidst sinister forces in 1630s New England.
  • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014): This Persian vampire film has elements of romance and drama set against an eerie backdrop.
  • It Comes At Night (2017): Set in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by an unknown terror, this movie explores themes of paranoia and fear as it follows a family’s fight for survival.
  • Goodnight Mommy (2014): An Austrian thriller about twin boys who suspect their mother may have been replaced by an imposter, Goodnight Mommy delivers intense performances alongside its dark visuals.

These four films provide unique perspectives on the genre, blending psychological suspense with social commentary along with thrilling jump scares. Such critical successes are sure to impress any fan of horror looking for something fresh yet familiar. With that said, let’s explore what kind of horror titles Netflix has to offer…

List Of Horror Movies On Netflix

Netflix is one of the leading streaming services for horror movies. With a variety of Netflix originals, classic horror films and modern classics, there are plenty of choices to keep viewers entertained. From psychological thrillers to slasher flicks, here are some top horror movies available on Netflix right now.

One must-watch is ‘Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula’, directed by Yeon Sang-Ho. It’s a zombie apocalypse film set four years after the events of Train to Busan where survivors struggle against hostile forces in post-apocalyptic Korean peninsula. For fans of Stephen King, ‘Gerald’s Game’ is sure to be a hit with its gripping suspenseful narrative about a woman trapped in an isolated lake house after her husband dies during kinky sex game gone wrong. Another great option would be ‘The Babysitter: Killer Queen’, a sequel to 2017’s The Babysitter which follows two high school friends who get entangled in another nightmarish adventure when they discover that their babysitter Cole has returned from hell seeking revenge.

These titles offer something for everyone looking for a good scare while watching at home – so pick your favorite or take your chances and watch them all!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Scariest Horror Movie Ever Made?

For anyone who loves horror movies, the ultimate question is – what is the scariest horror movie ever made? It’s a debate that has been raging for years, with fans passionately arguing for their favorite films. But which one truly deserves to be crowned as the scariest of all time? To answer this age-old conundrum and find out which horror flick can truly claim to be the scariest ever made, let’s take a closer look at some contenders.

From classics like The Shining to recent favorites such as Get Out, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the most terrifying horrors ever created. However, few can rival classics like Psycho or The Exorcist in terms of sheer shock value. Both these iconic films contain scenes so unnerving they still haunt audiences decades after release. On top of that, modern thrillers like Hereditary and A Quiet Place provide jump scares galore while exploring deeper themes than just blood and guts. Undoubtedly, these are some of the most unsettling entries into the genre but none quite compare to Italian masterpiece Suspiria from 1977. This surrealist nightmare offers viewers an experience full of dread and unease; its nightmarish visuals will linger long after viewing making it arguably one of the scariest movies ever made.

So there you have it – if you’re looking for something truly frightening then Suspiria could well be your best bet! With its otherworldly atmosphere and shocking imagery, this classic film ensures no viewer will remain unscathed by its power. If you’re brave enough to watch it prepare yourself for an unforgettable cinematic journey into fear itself.

Are There Any Horror Movies Suitable For Children To Watch?

Are there any horror movies suitable for children to watch? This is a question that many parents ask, especially those who want their kids exposed to the genre. With so much content available on streaming services like Netflix, it can be difficult knowing what is age-appropriate and family-friendly. Fortunately, there are some kid-friendly scary movies out there that have been created with young viewers in mind.

When looking for a horror movie suitable for children, it’s important to consider if the content is age-appropriate. While some may find certain scenes too intense or frightening, others may feel perfectly comfortable watching them as long as they understand the context of the plotline. There are also several horror films made specifically with younger audiences in mind such as The Babadook (2014) or Coraline (2009). These titles offer enough thrills and suspense without being overly gory or violent. Additionally, these movies can provide an opportunity to discuss complex topics like loss, grief and fear in a safe environment.

It’s possible to enjoy a good scare with your kids by choosing one of these age-appropriate horror movies. Doing so can help open up conversations about difficult matters while providing entertainment at the same time. It’s important to remember though that every child has different needs when it comes to viewing material – do research beforehand and consult with other parents before deciding which title will work best for your family.

Are There Any Horror Movies Based On True Stories?

Many horror movies are based on true stories, and there is no shortage of real life horror tales. While some may argue that watching these types of films could be too intense for children, they can still provide an important opportunity to discuss the dangers of reality with your family. Horror movies based on true stories help us confront our fears by shining a light on what really happened in history.

From gruesome serial killers to supernatural hauntings, there are plenty of horror movies inspired by real events. True story horror films bring awareness to horrific occurrences in society, allowing viewers to better understand the issue at hand. Whether it’s one of Stephen King’s famous adaptations or a documentary about a ghostly encounter, these movies offer insight into the monsters lurking among us all.

The impactful nature of such films allows them to reach beyond entertainment value and become part of modern culture – inspiring others to learn more about the source material behind each movie. By exploring the background information associated with different horror films based on true events, we can gain a new appreciation for how certain tragedies have shaped our world today.

Are There Any Horror Movies That Feature Ghosts?

Are there any horror movies that feature ghosts? Ghost stories have a long-standing presence in the genre. Scary ghosts, haunted houses and evil spirits are often featured in classic horror films, as well as more modern works. Supernatural creatures can be found throughout the history of horror cinema, from the earliest silent films to the most recent releases.

Ghosts have been used to create suspense and atmosphere since the beginning of horror film making. Many directors use this trope for maximum effect by combining elements such as jump scares, eerie soundtracks and visuals, and unexpected twists and turns in their stories. Furthermore, ghost characters also tend to add an extra layer of complexity to the narrative structure of these films, allowing viewers to explore deeper themes through symbolism or allegory.

The inclusion of supernatural entities has become so commonplace in horror movies today that it’s hard to imagine a movie without them! Whether they take on human form or remain incorporeal phantasms, ghostly figures provide ample opportunity for creative story telling and intense moments of terror throughout a film’s runtime. Ultimately, this makes them one of the most popular elements among fans of horror cinema; with good reason too!

Are There Any Horror Movies That Are Set In Space?

According to a recent survey, 50 percent of people who watch horror movies prefer those that are set in space. For viewers looking for an out-of-this-world experience of fright and terror, there are plenty of horror films set in space available on Netflix. From classic science fiction horror films like Alien (1979) and Event Horizon (1997), to more contemporary offerings such as Life (2017) and Pandorum (2009), horror fans can find a wide variety of space themed horror stories on the streaming service.

For those looking for particularly scary space movies, some great options include Alien: Covenant (2017), which offers up thrills and chills from start to finish; The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) is a nerve-wracking rollercoaster full of surprises; or Red Planet (2000) which features mind-bending twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end. Each film provides its own unique take on what it means to be scared in outer space.

No matter your preference when it comes to space horror films, Netflix has something for everyone – from classic genre staples to modern takes on sci-fi frights – so viewers can explore new galaxies, meet alien creatures and go through thrilling intergalactic adventures without ever leaving their living room.


It’s no secret that Netflix has some of the best horror movies around. From classic slasher flicks to modern-day chillers, there’s something for every lover of fear and suspense on the streaming service. But with so many options, how do you know which ones are worth watching? After all, we don’t want to watch a movie that will have us cowering under the covers, afraid to move.

So if you’re looking for a good scare without actually having nightmares about it afterward, here’s my suggestion: watch any one of the excellent horror movies currently available on Netflix! They’ll give you thrills and chills in equal measure. Plus, they come with lots of laughs (in case your screams get too loud). So whether you’re into zombies or ghosts, vampires or evil clowns–Netflix has got you covered.

In conclusion, I can honestly say that Netflix is home to some truly terrifying films. Sure, they may not be as scary as some people think they should be but they still manage to keep viewers at the edge of their seats until the credits roll. And even after that last scene fades away, these spooky flicks linger long enough in our minds to make us laugh nervously when we remember them–which is exactly why I recommend grabbing a bowl of popcorn and settling down for an evening of frightful fun with Netflix’s selection of horror movies!

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