Why Can’t My Friends Repost My Instagram Story

To share a post to your story, just tap on the Paperplane icon. Then tap on Share. That’s it!

If the option is not available for your account then you can always let Instagram team know the issue regarding the sharing feature on your account.

You’ll be able to share a post to this story from the post’s page if you turn on the reshare to story option. Rewrite this sentence: A: You have to do more than just be a fan and follow them.

If you view all posts on Instagram or want to share a post publicly, you can do so by making sure that the “Share to Story” option is enabled.

We’re constantly trying to improve this feature and will continue to add more. You should check your profile settings and see if the option to reshare is visible.

If you’re sharing the posts in a story, but when you click the “reshare” button it doesn’t show up, there might be some issues on your Instagram.

This could be the issue for not getting the option due to either the Instagram bug or the internal settings that made the option disappear for the post.

Here’s how you can share a post to the Instagram Story.

Repost My Instagram Story
Repost My Instagram Story

Why Can’t I Share A Post On Instagram Story?

There are many reasons why you can’t share your Instagram posts to your story. Here are the most common causes and ways to address them.

Maybe the Post is not Public:

You can’t share an Instagram story from a private account or from a private group unless you change the privacy setting so that it’s public. To confirm if the post is private, click the three-line icon in the top right corner of the Instagram app.

When you tap the “settings” option, you’ll get to the settings from all the options above. Click the settings and then select the privacy option.

If you’ve done everything correctly, your next step will be to click on the ‘Connect’ button. To do this, go to the Amazon dashboard, and select the ‘Account Settings’ link. Then, scroll down to ‘Privacy’, and click on the link named ‘Turn Off Private Account’.

As soon as you turn off this option, your account will be public, which means that anyone can see the post that you share on the story.

The option is Missing on your Account only:

If you have trouble sharing an image on the Instagram stories, there might be another reason too. Let’s check if it’s an issue with your account or a problem on the app itself. If your Instagram app hasn’t been updated, then you may not have the latest version. That can affect how your app works, as well as how much information it has.

If you’re having problems posting to your Instagram account, first you need to make sure that the problem occurs on your account only whereas other users could simply be posting for you. If you see this error message, you have to update your Instagram app either from the play store or the Apple store.

Another option to solve this problem is that you can restart your phone but if the problem persists then clear the cache or update your Instagram application and then go back to the app, or else use a VPN.

Share any post as your Instagram story by clicking the PaperPlane icon or the share button present on the right bottom corner of any particular post and then clicking on the option that says “Add post to your story”.

Share a Post to the Story Widgets:

Step 1: It also comes with a widget that allows you to share a post to the Instagram story.

Step 2:  Click the Post icon on the bottom of the screen, click the New

Step 3: Now tap on the share icon (airplane icon) and it will pop up options.

Step 4: From the list choose ‘Add Reel to Your Story‘ and tap on it.

Now, that’s done sharing posts to stories.

The “Resharing to stories” is Turned off:

It is possible that the “Resharing to stories” option has been turned off from your Instagram account.

It is possible that you’ve disabled the sharing option from your account’s settings, so you might not be able to share on your stories.

While this feature isn’t enabled by default for Instagram users, it’s extremely simple to turn it on yourself by going to your Instagram profile settings and turning it on.

If you’re getting this error message when you try to share someone else’s Instagram post to your story, that might be why it’s not working.

How To Share A Post On The Instagram Story

If you are using Instagram for a long time then you will know that Instagram has a huge user base and everyone is trying to get a share on this social media platform.

Instagram is the only social media platform where people share their personal posts. They can share videos, pictures, quotes, stories etc. It is not possible for you to get an instant reaction for your posts. So, the only way to get a real response is to share your posts on the Instagram stories.

People don’t prefer to scroll through hundreds of posts to find one that they want to share, but if you share your story then you can get thousands of likes within just few hours.

In this article, I will share three effective ways to get your posts shared on the Instagram stories.

Make your post a photo-story

Photo-stories are the most liked stories on Instagram and you can get a lot of likes and comments by sharing this type of story. The reason behind this is that people like to see the pictures that you have taken.

Choose the right time to share

The most important thing to share a post on the Instagram stories is to choose the right time. If you share your story when the audience is sleeping then they won’t get any attention.

So, be careful while choosing the right time to share your post.

Choose the right hashtag

Hashtags are the best ways to share your posts on the Instagram stories. Hashtags are the symbols that people use to search for the content that they want to see.

There are two types of hashtags:

• Searchable: When people search for these hashtags then they can get the content that you have shared.

• Non-searchable: These hashtags will help your post to get more likes and followers.

You can also try the following tips to get your post shared on the Instagram stories:

• Be active on the Instagram

If you are not active on Instagram then it is impossible for you to get a share of your post. So, be active on the Instagram and you will get a lot of likes and shares.

• Be consistent in posting your post

Consistency is the key of Instagram and if you are not consistent then you will not get any attention. So, be consistent in your Instagram posts.


In conclusion, if you want to have more people see your Instagram story, you need to make sure that your followers are aware of it. You can do this by sharing your story on your profile, tagging your friends in the story, and using hashtags. We discuss why your friends can’t repost your Instagram story and what you can do to make it easier for them to share your posts on their own accounts.

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