What Does TV-MA Mean?

If you select a program on a streaming platform like Netflix and you’ll be able to see the ratings of the content before playing it. Certain programs on these sites are designed for everyone, but the majority of them aren’t recommended until a certain point in time.

This article will describe what makes a show TV-MA as well as the different ratings might be available when searching through your list of shows.

What are Parental Guidelines?

The system was introduced in 1997. TV content rating system was put into effect. It was a proposal by the industry of television and in conjunction with the US Congress, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The name of the rating scheme is TV Parental Guidelines and it decides what age range the show is suitable for.

What Makes a Program TV-MA?

Age ratings differ between countries. In the USA TV-MA is the rating that proves that a show is geared to be viewed by adults. ‘MA’ stands for ‘mature audiences’. The 17-year-old and under are not allowed to watch these programs.

There are many reasons for why content on television might be best suited to older audiences. The terms that determine ratings are clearly defined. In the US Content descriptors are:

  1. D – Suggestive dialogueThis implies that the content contains some kind of innuendo or implied insinuation. The mere suggestion of dialogue rarely raises the rating of a show to TV-MA, however it’s a common feature in PG-13 shows.
  2. L – – Coarse LanguageCurse language, swearing vulgar language, other forms of rude or offensive to the social.
  3. S Sexual Content Sexual content could be any form of sexual behaviour or emotion. It includes everything from sexual language and display of nakedness, to the display of the entire sexual act.
  4. V: ViolenceDisplays in violence an important factor in determining the content’s rating. Because the use of narcotics is not categorized in isolation, it’s usually an element of the descriptor.

Some forms of violence are TV-MA. In relation to the level of violence the rating system permits viewers of a younger age to view certain kinds of violence. For example, if the comedy has comedic violence similar to what one would imagine in Looney Tunes, it will be rated TV-Y7. That means that children are able to watch it until they are old enough to discern the difference between fact and fiction.

If a show of violence involving fights or gunshots, as well as injuries, but not showing excessive bleeding or gore the show will be PG13. The majority of action shows for teenagers such as superhero shows, fight shows carry this rating.

If a show contains violent acts of violence, it’s TV-MA. There are animated series which mix comedy violence with brutal violence such as Rick Morty and Rick Morty and South Park. These are intended for older audiences and are rated accordingly.

Other TV Parental Guidelines

Five categories are available for guidelines for parents apart from TV-MA. They include:


TV-Y is suitable for children of all ages. A majority of these shows were specially designed for the smallest viewers. The stories and themes are easy to follow and the shows tend to be educational.


As children enter the age of seven and reach the seventh year, they are able to draw the line between fantasy and reality. From that point the media they consume may contain a bit of comic violence or even fantasy.


TV-G is a broad program that is suitable for everyone. It is suitable for everyone because it is mildly slang-free and contains there are no sexual or violent elements. This rating can be applied to documentaries as well as TV shows that kids won’t appreciate, which is what differs from the TV-Y.


This program may not be appropriate for children younger than. Parents or guardians must research the program before making a the decision. It may contain offensive or offensive language mild violence, or even some sexual content.


A TV-14-related program is designed for children who are over 14 years old. It is generally not advised for children to view the program without parents’ involvement or, at the very least, without vetting it beforehand. It may contain sarcastic humor and the use of dangerous substances such as strong language, violence as well as complex or disturbing themes.

Can I Prevent Children From Watching TV-MA Content?

Based on the streaming service or your cable provider you can configure parental controls for your device. That means that viewers must enter a PIN number before they can access the TV-MA channel. This is among the ways to stop youngsters from accessing adult content on TV.

Unfortunately, children with an iPhone or another device are able to browse the internet and browse content that is inappropriate appropriate for the age of their children. It is important to enable parental control on every device that your children are able to use.

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