Become A Professional Badminton Player In HK

Is badminton your dream sport, yet you are not confident if you can perform well on the court? All professional badminton players have gone through the basics and applied techniques to their gameplay. It shows dedication to the sports they have chosen that make them soar in the World Of Badminton Cup. Whether you are from some part of the world, the badminton gameplay, basics and rules are the same.

The badminton hong kong programs support people who have an interest in the said sports, from kids to adults.

Badminton training program in Hong Kong

Is your badminton racket ready to perform on the badminton court? If yes, the leading badminton training program in Hong Kong is open to all interested students to learn the sports game. Here are the different badminton training programs in HK:

  • Children’s badminton training program. In this level of training program, children are ages 6-9. The training program provides Badminton Elementary courses and improvement courses for children in the said age range. Now, if your child is 6-9 years of age, this is the right course to take. The training program taught the students the basics of the game. 

Children are still having a lecture for the badminton introduction and its basics. After the badminton basics, children will go up to the next level, where they will start to learn strokes and shots. Getting familiar with the strokes and shots, they are not going to perform and use it on the court playing against the other player, it can be single or double badminton. Of course, they have learned about the single and double badminton rules before you see them performing on court.

  • Children and youth badminton training program. The training program is intended for ages 10-17. The training program has 4 activities/course names that students should complete:
    • Badminton training scheme for U17 elementary course
    • Badminton training scheme for U17 improvement course
    • Badminton training scheme advanced course
    • Children and Youth Badminton Clinic
  • Adult badminton program. The adult badminton training program (ages 18 and above) is also open. If you have realized late, you are in your 18th and you feel badminton is a sport for you, you are free to enroll and take the course. Adult badminton program comes in different stages:
    • Adult badminton training beginner
    • Adult badminton training improvement
    • Students can choose their schedules for these two training programs.
  • Adult badminton group. The course is for adults ages 18 or above. There are 2 adult badminton group courses namely:
    • Adult badminton group
    • Adult badminton skill study group

After you have completed the required course according to your age, you will get through more training and practice to be ready for any badminton competition you want to participate in. Daily practice and training can help improve your badminton skills to boost your gameplay.

Many badminton players today are soaring, dropping the name of Angus Ng Ka Long as a professional player. Tse Ying Suet is also a famous girl badminton player, Hong Kong’s mixed doubles pair of Tang Chun-man. 

Become one of these popular badminton Hong Kong’s pride! 

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