How To Fix AirPods Microphone That’s Not Working

With all the benefits of an in-ear device, AirPods provide you with a reliable and convenient way to communicate.

To fit all the talking, Apple has made them for top-quality that outperforms most competitors. AirPods are usually reliable, but the microphone seems to stop working from time to time. It’s frustrating when you don’t hear your phone ring.

Apple airpods are amazing devices and they have a very good range of products. The sound quality is better than any other similar products available in the market. But in the case of Apple airpods, there are certain problems that people face. There are some users who face a problem with the microphone and they are not able to listen to music properly.

If you are one of those users who are facing this problem then don’t worry, you are not alone.

How To Fix AirPods Microphone That’s Not Working
How To Fix AirPods Microphone That’s Not Working

There are thousands of people who have the same problem. The microphone of the device is not working properly. It is not working properly because of the dust or some other reasons.

Here are some tips for fixing the problem:

Turn off and on the AirPods

The first thing you need to do is to turn off and on the AirPods. If the microphone is not working due to the dust or some other reasons, then it will be fixed by switching it off and on.

Clean the AirPods

Once you have turned off and on the device, then you need to clean it. Make sure that the microphone is cleaned thoroughly. You can use some cotton and tap water.

Use an AirPods Charging Stand

AirPods are wireless headphones and they don’t have a cord. They use Bluetooth technology for communication between the device and the ears.

If you want to fix the problem then you need to charge your AirPods properly. If you don’t charge your AirPods, then the battery will run out and that will lead to poor performance. So, you need to use an AirPods charging stand.

Restart Your iPhone

Turning your Apple device on or off can often solve some fundamental computer problems. It’s a good idea to check for updates before you do anything drastic though. Maybe it’s your iPhone. One example of this is a driver that allows the microphone to work with a specific application. When a glitch occurs in this application, restarting the microphone might be the quickest way to solve it.

Check the Microphone Settings

If only one of the AirPods is not working, you might have a hardware issue. Contact the seller and see if they can send you a replacement unit, or if you need to purchase a new device.

If your AirPods don’t pair correctly with your iPhone, you might be experiencing a connectivity issue. Connect your AirPods to your iPhone first before following the steps below. Select “Bluetooth.” Click on your AirPods in the list of connected Bluetooth devices. Select “Microphone. Let me try that again, to make sure it’s really fixed.

AirPods Mic Check 1, 2, 3…

Apple’s AirPods are reliable for both listening and talking. At times the microphone seems to work just fine. Even if they’ve been maintained well, there are several ways to make them look better. A lot of AirPods users find that just putting them back into the case for a while, restarting their iPhone, or fully charging them helps. Common solutions for this include unpairing them and then having Alexa pair them again.


What is the best way to fix an AirPods microphone that’s not working?

It’s important to take off your AirPods and put them on the charging case before trying to repair the microphone. You can also try replacing the battery with a new one.

How long does it take for an AirPods microphone to charge?

It takes approximately 4 hours for the AirPods to charge.

What should I do if my AirPods are stuck in my ears?

If the AirPods are stuck in your ears, try turning off your AirPods and then turn them back on again.

What should I do if my AirPods are wet?

If you’re wearing AirPods, make sure that you’re not wearing them while swimming or showering.

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