Ultimate Discord Emoji Servers List: How to Use Them in 2023?

Are you looking for ways to level up your online communication in 2023? Look no further than Discord emoji servers. These servers allow you to express yourself in ways that text and even voice communication cannot. In this article, we will explore the power of Discord emoji servers, share some of the top servers to join in 2023, and give you tips on how to use them effectively.

If you want to use other custom emoji, rather than Discord’s default settings, then joining dedicated emoji servers can be a great way to discover new ideas and keep up in the channels about the most advanced ones that were added. We’re going to be looking at many various servers that provide different sets, so be sure to take a look and see if there are any which you’d be interested in taking a look at.

Discord Emoji Servers
Discord Emoji Servers

Top Discord Emoji Servers to Join in 2023

If you’re new to Discord emoji servers or simply looking for new servers to join, consider these top picks for 2023:

  1. Blob Emoji
  2. Anime Emoji
  3. Gaming Emoji
  4. Music Emoji
  5. Food Emoji

How to Add Emojis to Discord Servers

The most comfortable option is to use the emojis that are accessible with any Discord account. To accomplish that, you have a few possibilities.

Firstly, you can use the emoji menu. On the desktop and browser applications, you can open this by ticking the grey smiley face on the right side of the message box. In the mobile phone application, tap the grey smiley face on the left side of the message box.

The emoji menu includes both standard and Discord-exclusive emojis, as well as a part that tracks what emojis you’ve used the most.

Alternatively, you can enter the name of the emoji you want to use. Each emoji has a name, bracketed by colons, which can be found in the emoji menu. For instance, 😄 is named 🙂 and so on.

How to enter custom emojis to a Discord server

The method is simple, pretending you have permission to add them to the server. Discord will even resize images of up to 128×128 pixels so that they fit the needed specifications.

Note, however, that you can utilize these custom emojis on the server they were uploaded to only if you have a Discord Nitro account. You’ll require to pay for a Nitro account to use them on other servers. You’ll also require a Nitro account to use animated emojis.

  • To upload your emojis, you’ll require to use the desktop or browser version of Discord.
  • Click on the down-arrow next to the server’s name in the top-left corner of the screen after opening the server you wish to upload an emoji to.
  • Select “Server Settings.”
  • Click on Emojis in the left sidebar and then select Upload Emoji.
  • Please choose your image and add it to your server. 

If you plan on doing this, be conscious that you’re capped at 50 custom emojis per server by default.

If you need more emoji slots, you’ll need to have users with Discord Nitro accounts boost your server. Your server can hold 250 custom emojis if sufficient users boost it.

Discord Emoji Servers


This server is the official server for the Emoji.gg website, which showcases a wonderful variety of custom emojis for you to take a look at. If you join the server and have Nitro, of course, you’ll then have entrance to their staggering array of emoji for you to make use of in your other servers. You can make usage of these in your direct message conversations too! They also have a highly active community which you can take part in!

The first step is to connect to the server, then click the emoji button in the message box, then scroll down to Emojis.gg to see all the emotes available.

Cute and Aesthetic Emoji

If you’re looking for cute and aesthetic emojis, I’d recommend joining the Tomorrow server, which has a fantastic range of super cute emojis. No matter whether you’re looking for adorable emojis to express your thoughts or cute emotes to decorate a conversation, and you’re sure to find a great variety here.

They have a friendly community too, so if you’re looking for a coolness and fun server to join, then I highly recommend it!

Emote Central

You can choose from hundreds of custom emotes on the Emote Central server. If you’re searching for some new emotes to try out, then I’d recommend this one!

The server also has some super fun meme channels to look at, plus lots of GIFs, which also make for important reactions that you can add to your conversations on other servers!

Emoji Server

This server gives a fantastic array of custom emojis for you to pick from, including lots of animated emoji too! I’ve found so many great emojis that are perfect for reactions and sending to friends. Many of the most popular emotes are available here, including some of the most common custom emojis.

With 200 emoji to choose from, this is a fantastic collection! I also love the significant number of animated emojis available, which is always a bonus!


discord emoji servers nitro is a server that supplies an expanding collection of custom emojis, which is updated daily. If you’re on the lookout for the latest and most innovative emotes, then this server.

Keep in mind that there are several servers available due to the emoji limit that some servers have. The link above is to the third server, but make sure to check the opening and second servers also (you can hunt for nitro emojis on Disboard to find the others) if you need to check out their other range. Of emotes!

Nine Clouds

It’s a friendly and chill community that you should check out if you want to hang out with others and access a lot of cute emojis. They have a fantastic range of adorable emojis available, so if you’re looking for some aesthetic ideas, this is the server to join!

They have a wonderful range of aesthetic fonts too, so if you’re looking for aesthetic font inspiration, then this server also provides that! I liked this idea, as it incorporates a lot of necessary items into one server, such as custom emoji and aesthetic fonts.

Blue’s Community

Blue’s Community is a fun-packed server with over 30 bots, as well as more than 200 emotes for you to get a look at. This server is a comprehensive community overall, and it’s fun to try out the bots too! You may also discover some cool bots you’d be engrossed in adding to your servers also.

They also have some Nitro giveaways, and I’d recommend trying out this server with the active community!

10 Cool Discord Emoji Servers

Here are some of the coolest Discord emoji servers out there, with excellent emotes!

Server Details
Emoji.gg This server has an amazing array of custom emojis for you to take a look at, spanning a wide variety of categories.
Tomorrow For cute and aesthetic emoji, I’d definitely recommend this server! They have a fun and cool community also!
Emote Central This server has excellent meme channels, and a wide selection of custom emotes to choose from!
Emoji Server An excellent range of animated and fun emotes are available on this server!
NitroMoji Select from over 200 custom emoji in this server, quite a selection I must say!
Nine Clouds This server gives a cute selection of emotes and aesthetic fonts!
Blue’s Community There’s an excellent selection of custom emotes here, plus lots of cool bots to try out too!
Animazing For anime-themed emoji and a cool community, I’d definitely recommend joining the Animazing server!
Milk & Mocha Emotes For lovely and super cute emoji featuring the Milk & Mocha characters, make sure to join this server.
Nitro Emojis This server gives an expanding range of emojis, perfect for if you’re looking for new emotes!


If you’re looking for anime emotes, then I’d recommend this server! With the broad range of anime emojis and emotes available, this server is a go-to for any anime fans out there who wish to include such emoji in their conversations on other servers or indirect messages with others.

Many animated emojis are also available, which is constantly fantastic if you want to add a fun dimension to your conversations.

The server is super aesthetic and is a chill place to hang out with others, so if you’re also looking to join an active community, I’d recommend this server!

Milk and Mocha Emotes

If you’re looking for super cute Milk and Mocha emotes, then be sure to look at this server which contains a fantastic range of adorable emojis! These emoji are super wholesome and are simply so cute overall.

If you’re a fan of aesthetic emoji or want to add an aesthetic dimension to your conversations, why not include some Milk and Mocha emotes? They’re super cute and would be such a lovely addition to messages!

Nitro Emojis

Nitro Emojis is a server that provides over 200 custom emotes and emojis, so you’ll have a fantastic selection to choose from here.

I’ve found the assortment to be quite expansive, with a great variety of emojis overall. If you’re on the lookout for some unique emoji, I’d join this server and take a look if you’re interested in finding out more!


Using Discord emoji servers effectively means knowing when and how to incorporate them into your messages. While it’s easy to go overboard with emojis, moderation is key. Here are some tips to help you use them effectively:

  1. Choose emojis that best represent your message or mood.
  2. Don’t overuse emojis; one or two per message is usually enough.
  3. Use emojis to enhance your message, not replace it entirely.
  4. Get creative and combine multiple emojis to create unique expressions.

In conclusion, Discord emoji servers are a powerful tool for enhancing online communication in 2023. By understanding their capabilities, joining the right servers, and using them effectively, you can take your online conversations to the next level. So why wait? Start exploring the world of Discord emoji servers today and let your imagination run wild!

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