How to Black Text on 4Chan? Spoiler Text

How to Black Text on 4Chan? When discussing films, video games, and books on the Internet, it is considered polite to avoid giving away key plot points. These key plot points are called spoilers–so named because they spoil the surprise for users who have not yet experienced the film, game, or book.

To keep plot points hidden on 4Chan message boards, you can use “spoiler” tags, which create a black background behind words and phrases. The effect of the black background combined with black text renders the “spoilers” unreadable unless you place your cursor over the text or highlight it.

What is Spoiler Text on 4Chan?

On 4chan, spoiler text is a way to hide certain parts of a post or comment from view until the user chooses to reveal them. When spoiler text is used, the text is blacked out and can only be viewed by clicking on the spoiler tag. Spoiler text is often used to hide spoilers for movies, TV shows, and other forms of media, but it can also be used for other purposes.

How to Black Text on 4Chan? Spoiler Text

  1. Launch your Web browser, and navigate to the 4Chan website.

  2. Click to select a board from the “Boards” listing area.

  3. Click the “Reply” link next to the first comment or image that appears in any post.

  4. Type your name in the “Name,” “E-mail,” and “Subject” information in the displayed text fields.

  5. Type “[spoiler]” in the comments section to open the spoiler tag.

  6. Type the words that you want to have to appear as black text on a black background.

  7. Type “[/spoiler]” to close the spoiler tag.

  8. Click “Submit” to submit the post.

Why Use Spoiler Text on 4Chan?

There are several reasons why you might want to use spoiler text on 4chan. Here are a few examples:

  1. To avoid spoilers: If you are discussing a movie, TV show, or video game that contains spoilers, you can use spoiler text to hide the spoilers from view until the user chooses to reveal them.
  2. To hide sensitive information: If you are posting personal information on 4chan, you can use spoiler text to hide the information from view until the user chooses to reveal it.
  3. To create a sense of mystery: If you want to create a post that generates interest and discussion, you can use spoiler text to tease the content without giving it away.

Tips for Using Spoiler Text Effectively

Here are some tips for using spoiler text effectively on 4chan:

  1. Use spoiler text sparingly: Overusing spoiler text can be annoying and make your post difficult to read. Use spoiler text only when it is necessary.
  2. Be clear about what is hidden: If you are using spoiler text to hide spoilers, make sure that you are clear about what is hidden. Avoid vague or misleading text.
  3. Don’t use spoiler text for jokes: Using spoiler text for jokes or non-serious content can be confusing and frustrating for users.
Can I use spoiler text on all boards on 4chan?

Yes, spoiler text can be used on all boards on 4chan.

How do I reveal spoiler text on 4chan?

To reveal spoiler text on 4chan, simply click on the black box to reveal the hidden text.

Is there a character limit for spoiler text on 4chan?

There is no character limit for spoiler text on 4chan.


This was a short article on how you can do spoiler texts on 4chan in a few easy steps. I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions related to this topic then mention them in the comments.

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