How to Find Out Who is This Number Registered To?

How to Find Out Who is This Number Registered To? If you have received an unknown phone call and you want to find out who this number is registered to, you’ve come to the right place. This post will show you how to find the owner of the unknown phone number.

Call the number back

Actually, calling the number back and asking who it is should be the most direct way to find out who owns this number. If the individual or business has a voice mail, you may be able to find out who the number belongs to without talking to anyone. But it’s not always working, especially when you’ve received spoofed phone calls.

That’s why you’ll need the reverse phone number lookup tools.

Who is This Number Registered To
Who is This Number Registered To

Use reverse phone number lookup tools

Using a reverse phone number service is the easiest way to find out who a telephone number belongs to when calling back isn’t working. We list three legitimate and reliable services for you to choose from.


BeenVerified is one of the top reverse phone search services on the market. With a huge database containing billions of records, BeenVerified allows you to easily find out who this number is registered to. You can also use other information such as a name, an address to dig more information.

1) Go to the BeenVerified search page.

2) Enter the phone number and hit SEARCH.

3) In a few minutes, BeenVerified will generate a report including all the available online profiles associated with this number.


Spokeo is a reputable information gathering service that identifies callers. Even AT&T suggests people use Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup to find who is this number registered to. With aggregated billions of records, Spokeo is a powerful tool to find the phone owner in seconds. Just enter a phone number and you’ll uncover a person’s identity, address, work, and more.

1) Go to the Spokeo search page.

2) Type in the phone number and hit Search Now.

3) You’ll get a report that contains information associated with the phone number.

People Finders

PeopleFinders is a leading Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider that helps you access public data easily. You can use our fast, accurate, and hassle-free people search service. Peoplefinders allows you to fill in as much information as you have on hand, such as city, state, and age range which makes the process easier and more accurate.

1) Go to the People Finders official page.

2) Type in the phone number and hit Search.

3) You’ll get the up-to-date information you need about the phone number.

Search the phone number online

Searching the number on sites like Google, Yahoo, or Bing can help put a name to a number. If the individual or business has published information about the phone number on a website or social media profile, you may be able to find the name that belongs to the number.

Launch an online search engine in your browser, enter the phone number (including area code) in the search box then search.

This way is free and easy to do, but it takes time and effort, and the data on the search result page could be inaccurate or outdated.Tips: You can narrow down the phone number to a specific location by recognizing the country and area code.
E.g. The first 3 digits of a 10 digit North American phone number represent the area code. Therefore, you can use these numbers to narrow down the location of the phone number.

Search on social media platforms

Searching for a phone number on social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn would be a nice try. Some social media sites allow you to search for a person by phone number. This is because you may find a phone number if a person or a business has included it in a post.

However, the results you find on social networking sites might be inaccurate, misleading, or outdated. So it may not reflect who currently owns the number.

Block unwanted phone calls

If you’ve received unwanted phone calls from a particular number, you can ask your phone carrier to block that number. You can also configure your phone to block calls from the number. If you feel annoyed by sales calls, you can register your home or mobile phone on the National Do Not Call Registry for free to reduce the telemarketing calls.

If you’re receiving harassing or threatening phone calls, contact your local police for help. It’s possible that the caller ID was forged. Therefore, the number that appears on your phone screen may not be the actual number someone is calling from. You’ll need professional help to stay safe.

That’s all the information about how to find who is this phone number registered to. Hope this post would help. If you have suggestions or questions, you’re welcome to leave a comment below.

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